Time for a new Saddle?

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   For all purchases and enquiries call us or go to the Contact us page and fill in your details and submit and we    will call you back about your enquiries. 


Our complete range of saddles are hand made in our workshop.

All saddles are still hand cut and handmade by myself using only the best materials.

Our Leather is Oak tanned in the U.S.A.  First grade Top Grain Leather this leather has Character of its own and may have normal growth marks .

Your Gaurantee of First grade top Grain Leather.

All of the fitting's used are Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver.

We only use first grade sheepskin to line our skirts on the top range saddles and Pure Blanket on all other saddles.

Fender Saddles come with Pure Wool felt or other lining can be supplied to suit your needs.

All saddles are fully Mounted ready for use when finished.

You can be sure you will have a Saddle that will give you many years of use, Wether it be Cutting, Team penning, CampDrafting or just General Pleasure riding. 

If you have any Special requirements Please dont Hesitate to contact us as all of our saddles are made to Suit your own order.




The Top Dog Cutter

Square or round skirts, Slotted concho's with strings, Stainless steel Blevins,

Hide wool on skirts


- OR

Square or rounded skirts Sterling Silver Plate Concho's, Stainless Steel Blevins, Hide wool on Skirts






youth saddle 017 275 x 367

Youth Fender

This saddle is a very safe saddle for younger riders, It comes with a 11 1/2" seat 5 1/2" dip and 3 1/2" knee pads close tree contact making a very secure saddle to sit in to draft in or just outside riding.

Fenders swing from stainless steel stirrup bars and are detachable and can be replaced with adult size for the smaller adult riders.

It also comes with a choice of Rallide youth oxbows or safety irons.

These saddles are handmade in our workshop and can be finished in various ways to suit your own style and tastes.










Elite Drafter

AusNut Leather, Rough out seat for more grip, Pre twisted Fenders.

Felt Lined skirts, Close contact Saddle.

Comes standard with Stainless Steel Dee Rig







Sharkey Fender

Havana Leather, Rough out seat, Cantle roll, Jerimah Watt saddle hardware.

Slotted Conchos with latigo strings, Pre twisted Fenders.

Barbwire Boarder stamp, Double Rigged.

Great all round saddle very comfortable for Horse and Rider