Time for a new Saddle?

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 youth saddle 017 275 x 367


 Youth Fender

This is a very safe saddle for younger riders
it comes with a 11 1/2" seat, 5 1/4" dip and 3 1/2" knee pads close contact tree making it a very secure saddle to sit in to draft in or just outside riding. 
Fenders swing from stainless steel stirrup bars and are detachable and can be replaced with adult sizefor the smaller adult rider.
It comes with a choice of Rallide youth oxbow's or safety irons.
These saddle's are handmade in our workshop and can be finished various ways to suit your own style and taste.










 CampDraft Bridle

Very well made Shaped brow band with campdraft conchos

Heavy bridle leather Stainless steel or Brass buckles.

Rosettes on the side of brow. These can be engraved for trophy Bridles.

Dark Havana or Tan colour leather.

These come in two buckle bridle with bit ties as pictured or a four buckle bridle head .






new saddle 011The Paramount Drafter new saddle 013

This saddle has a real touch class and would be suitable for Stockhorse classes, Challenging and Camp drafting.
It is Handmade in our own saddle shop using only the best leather and saddle fittings with a hand seamed seat

and knee pads with a very close contact to your horse.
Our range of saddles are made on our own designed and made trees.








import 001



Eureka Drafter Saddle 

Hand sewn Kneepads and Cheyenne roll or Cantle roll roughout or smooth, or any combination you want.

Stainless Steel or Brass Hardware.

From $3100.00








import 002


Soveriegn Drafter Saddle

Fully hand sewn padded seat, and Kneepads

Permanently twisted fenders mounted on stirrup bars

Stainless steel 4 Bar stockmans iron Brass fittings felt lined saddle skirts. 








import 059Soveriegn Drafter Saddle

As above but in a different colour












Elite Drafter

AusNut Leather, Rough out seat for more grip, Pre twisted Fenders.

Felt Lined skirts, Close contact Saddle.

Comes standard with Stainless Steel Dee Rig









Elite Drafter Chestnut Leather

Chestnut Leather, Rough out seat for more grip, Pre twisted Fenders.

Felt Lined skirts, Close contact Saddle.

Girth point system to suit regulations for some Horse sports.




import 006 

   Barcoo Bridle

   Extended head 3/4" Web Brass fittings.










import 051



   Barcoo Bridle

   Tan Stainless steel fittings Handsewn.









import 053


   Barcoo Bridle  

   Dark Havanna Brass fittings Handsewn.













Brow Band

Heavy Leather bridle

Stiched Brow band Stainless steel buckles









Barcoo Bridle

3/4" Webb Brass fittings












import 005


 Fire Hose Girth

 26"-34" Made to order Single buckle

 Brass breast plate Dee's.












Fire Hose Girth

4 Buckle 26"-34'











Campdraft girth

Perforated Web strap











20160719 101601 SulkyGully Saddle pads

These are our own design saddle pad.

Pure wool felt in Brown or Black.

leather wear leathers, Either square or shaped (Shown in photos below) with round corners

to fit your Fender or Stock saddle.

They feature a cut out to take the pressure off your Horse withers.
















SulkyGully rounded Saddle pad    




Fenders swing from stainless steel stirrup bars,