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Our Wade Saddles are all Hand cut and made in our saddle shop. They have a 4" dip in the seat 4 1/2 horn cap, 2 3/4 high. These saddles can be ridden in all day you can rope of them, Lead a breaker or just for everyday riding.

Our Range start with either rough or smooth out in skirt or off the tree rigging.

Leather conchos and all fittings are Stainless Steel, 3" Stainless Steelbound wooden stirrups. All our saddle skirting leather is 1st Grade and hand selected by us to ensure only the best avalible leather is use.

The saddles have Golden colour bark tanned sheep skin linning, Which also is the best avalible.

Prices Start at $3,500.

These Saddles are indidually made one at a time. You can Email or phone or come over to see me and discuss how you would like your saddle finished to suit your needs and what type of horse you ride,


Paramount Drafter

new saddle 025

Lightweight Slick Fork

Roughout seat trimmed skirts and fenders for a lighter weight saddle.

Wool lined skirts 3" Stainless Steel Buckaroo Stirrups.

Mule Hide horn wrap, 3" Rear cinch

$3100.00 Single rigged or $3350.00 Doouble rigged as shown.

Slick Fork

This Slick Fork saddle is a great work saddle you can ride in all day.

With a rough out seat for grip, Grain out skirts, Rear cinch and stirrup straps,

3" Stainless Steel Buckaroo stirrup, Bark tanned sheepskin linning and Mule hide horn wrap,catch rope strap and a 4" rear cinch.$3800.00

080114 020


Wade Saddle

These saddles are handmade in our workshop one at a time.

The ground seats on these saddles are built up and shaped by hand as they were made many years ago.The saddle is hand cut and hand tooled, This model is complete Boarder stamped, Has catch rope holder, Latigo carriers, Hobble carrier, Long Latigo strings and Jeremiah Watt Stainless steel saddle Hardware wood covered with Stainless steel stirrups with leather treads, Bark tanned sheepskin lining and Bucking rolls. There is a Latigo horn wrap, The horn cap is 4 1/2 "







Wade2 275 x 367


Wade Saddle

Chestnut colour Leather, Stainless steel fittings

Medium size border stamp, Mule hide Hornwrap

4" Deep seat, Buck rolls

Stainless steel covered Stirrups, 1st grade bark tanned Sheepskin,

Long Latigo strings $4500.00









Slick Fork Saddle 

Roughout Seat, Buck Rolls, Leather Latigos, Inlayed rear Jockeys.

Latigo strings. Leather Saddle Bags near side with hoof pick and off side with Pocket Knife







20140214 150804 275 x 206