About Us

Ian and Sheryl Burnett, owners of Sulky Gully Saddlery are proud to bring 45 years of industry experience to the work they do.  Whilst going to school, Ian would spend his spare time making bridles and other horse gear by hand, and selling his gear in the car park at the local sale yards, on horse sale day.  His passion for making high quality leather gear grew with each passing day.  Thus, in 1972 he began his working life in the industry; Ian’s first job was with a local saddler, Mr Brian McDonald, who had been supplying Ian with buckles and other hardware required to make the bridles and other gear he had been making.  A well known and highly reputable saddler, Mr McDonald had also employed a trade qualified saddler, Lindsay Tory and a harness maker George Smith.  Ian was privileged to learn his craft over the next ten years, under their expert guidance; Ian was able to learn skills required to make an repair traditional stock saddles, western saddles and Melbourne Show quality harness gear for Clydesdales, during his tenure with these skilled gentlemen.

Upon leading the industry, Ian worked as part of his family business, manufacturing furniture and leisure items.  Despite this change, it wasn’t long before Ian, once again started making saddles and other gear for friends, horse breakers and others that required well made gear for a variety of purposes.  After getting married and raising a family, Ian’s hobby had turned into a full time business, giving rise to ‘Sulky Gully Saddlery’.

Sulky Gully Saddlery makes quality saddles and take for a variety of purposes and also offers a repair service for most types of saddles and saddlery.  Much of the stock in the store is made by Ian in-house, however Ian also supplies other high quality goods.  Sulky Gully Saddlery is an all round outfitter; fitting out the professional horseman, first horse owner and anyone in between.  Valuing a personalised customer focus, Ian and Sheryl conduct their business with professionalism, honesty and integrity.  Despite a huge demand, Ian and Sheryl elected to remain a home-based-business; keeping overheads to a minimum allows goods to be supplied to customers at an affordable cost. ​